Tugawe Cove Resort Proposal

Professional Plus

Ideal for hotels and resorts with high traffic expectations.

PHP 58,000-
plus 1 month free support

  • User Research
  • Conceptualize website design
  • Design and prototype using Figma

Custom Website Design and Development

Give yourself and your customers delightful booking experience.

Create a simple user research plan for website redesign, first define your research objectives and determine the research methods that will help you achieve them. Identify your target audience and create open-ended research questions. Identify any trends or patterns. Finally, use your findings to identify areas for improvement and inform your website redesign.

To create an effective hotel and resort website, highlight key features, use high-quality imagery, emphasize the user experience, incorporate social proof, optimize for mobile devices, provide booking options, include local information, and prioritize accessibility.
Payment Terms
50% acceptance fee, after accepting the proposal, our team shall begin the research and design.
50% design sign-off, after selecting and approving the website design.

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